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  Company profile

Shenzhen EDY Supply ChainManagement Co., Ltd. is an innovative services company. Relying on advanced ITplatform, professional supply chain solutions, funding advantage, wellestablished management and network integration capability, EDY SCM provides logistics,supply chain management, and cross-border logistics solutions for domestic andoverseas leading enterprises.

Involved industries including:Fast-moving Consumer Goods, household appliances, IT communications, medicalinstrument, mechanical equipment, etc.

  Group profile


Shenzhen jaderson Investment Group Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial investment group, is committed to build a logistics service, financial transactions as the coreplatform.Financial services and logistics services as the carrier,To carry out the integration of industrial value chain by means of capital operation. Strive to foster 2-3 in five yearslisted company。2013 group achieved sales revenue of about 10000000000 yuan, in 2014 sales revenue of more than $13 billion.      

 Corporate culture

Core values:Customer centric, CO creating value.

Our vision: As the integration of the best practice China travelers value chain, supply chain management has become a respected service provider.

Heavy friendship, there are rules about ownership of their homes "Scarlett culture" system; establish the reputation, we advocate credibility, open and fair "to Germany for the first" as the standard form; result oriented, "result oriented" practical work attitude